CEI Weekly: Deirdre McCloskey To Be Honored at 2013 Annual Dinner

June 14, 2013



Feature: Prof. Deirdre McCloskey will accept the Julian Simon Memorial Award next week.

 FEATURE: Deirdre McCloskey To Be Awarded at 2013 CEI Dinner


At the CEI Annual Dinner next Thursday, June 20, CEI will award Deirdre McCloskey with the Julian Simon Memorial Award. The award was created in honor of late economist Julian L. Simon, famous for debunking the alarmist predictions of eco-doomsayers like Paul Ehrlich. Prof. McCloskey is being honored for her great catalogue of work, including her extensive documentation of how new cultural respect for entrepreneurialism transformed the world in the 17th and 18th century. Read more about Prof. McCloskey and the Simon Award here.





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June 13, 2013: Deirdre McCloskey Wins CEI's Julian Simon Award


Deirdre McCloskey, a distinguished economic historian and author of many books, includingThe Rhetoric of EconomicsThe Bourgeois Virtues, and Bourgeois Dignity, will receive CEI’sJulian Simon Memorial Award on June 20 at CEI’s annual dinner. CEI Founder and Chairman Fred Smith talks about how McCloskey’s work embodies the same joie de vivre and optimistic spirit that animated Simon’s thought.