HotAir Daily Express 06/13/2013


When a “split” looks a lot more like a “boost”
6/13/2013 10:01:18 AM  Ed Morrissey
Did Bill Clinton “split” with Barack Obama on Syria, as Politico claims?  Maghie Haberman reports on an appearance two days ago in which the former President and Senator John McCain debated foreign policy.  Clinton told McCain that he sided

Video: Lethal injection for fetus is “like a flu shot or a vaccine”
6/13/2013 9:21:36 AM  Ed Morrissey
Live Action has a new video out today in its “Inhuman” project, which investigates late-term abortion providers and exposes the bizarre and false claims made to justify their work.  Following on the heels of the Kermit Gosnell trial,

Experts wonder: Did Snowden commit treason?
6/13/2013 8:41:28 AM  Ed Morrissey
That depends — on whether we use a rhetorical definition or a legal definition.  Politico polls legal experts, whose answers range from no to not yet: Treason is a crime so old that it’s the only one specifically defined in the U.S. Constitution,

Was Franks another Akin?
6/13/2013 8:04:29 AM  Ed Morrissey
I didn’t hear Trent Franks’ remarks on the House abortion ban regarding exceptions for rape directly at first.  Instead, I saw the reaction on Twitter, and assumed that Franks had made some sort of absurd Todd Akin-like comment about the


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Quotes of the day
6/12/2013 10:41:32 PM  Allahpundit
With Hannity Wednesday, Rubio explained that he once favored border security before legalization. “When I initially got involved in this effort in December of last year, I initially said let’s make sure everything, including that first step, is

Cincinnati IRS employees lash out at Lerner’s “nuclear strike” on them
6/12/2013 10:01:28 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Elizabeth Hofacre does not go under the bus quietly: Elizabeth Hofacre, who coordinated ”emerging issues” cases for the IRS and handled all tea-party applications between April and August 2010, called Lerner’s May 10 disclosure of the scandal at a

Panic: Ads for e-cigs not banned by tobacco regulations…because they’re not made of tobacco
6/12/2013 9:21:02 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
To her credit, CNN’s Erin McPike mostly avoids the standard “something must be done” tone characteristic of this type of report and just explains the facts. Basically, the anti-smoking brigades are annoyed that TV ads for e-cigarettes

Oh, good: Obama administration sneaks more expensive carbon pricing into a microwave-oven rule
6/12/2013 8:41:28 PM  Erika Johnsen
Never underestimate the sneakiness when you’re dealing with The Most Transparent Administration, Evah‘s tortured internal conflict between pretending to heed the voices calling for pragmatic economic growth and appeasing the vociferous green

Dempsey: No, special forces were not told to stand down during Benghazi attack
6/12/2013 8:01:20 PM  Erika Johnsen
Let me see if I can iron this one out: Since the investigation into last September’s terrorist attack in Benghazi got underway, Obama administration officials have maintained that no military units were ever told to stand down from and that they

Video: New “Hobbit” movie looking very Hobbit-y indeed
6/12/2013 7:21:52 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate, let me continue my sterling tradition of posts about movie franchises I’ve never seen and never will see by asking why Ace is so grumpy about this one. This is … precisely what you’d expect from a Peter Jackson

Snowden tells Chinese paper: Yes, the U.S. is hacking Chinese and Hong Kong computers
6/12/2013 6:41:56 PM  Allahpundit
Via CNN, a perfect illustration of why even pols with deep libertarian sympathies insist on reserving judgment about this guy. The most amazing thing about it is how gratuitously self-destructive it is to Snowden’s credibility. No one doubts that

More Peter King: Too many conservatives have become Michael Moores on this NSA thing
6/12/2013 6:01:38 PM  Allahpundit
A new communique from the Lindsey Graham of the House via Mediaite. He doesn’t specify what crosses the line from legit concern about the extent of the surveillance state into Michael Moore-style adversarial socialism, but King being King,

Dem rep: We were “astounded” by what we heard in our new classified briefing about surveillance
6/12/2013 5:21:10 PM  Allahpundit
A simple case of a liberal trying to impress the lefty base with her innocence about the surveillance state or proof that O and the NSA really are up to more than anyone thought? Well, she’s specific in saying that there are things happening that

Heh: Appeals court openly skeptical, borderline derisive of Bloomberg’s big-soda ban
6/12/2013 4:41:03 PM  Erika Johnsen
Back in March, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling pumped the brakes on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s infamous attempt to ban the sale of what he and his fellow nanny-staters deemed to be too-large sugary beverages, ruling that the pending

Breaking: Deputy CIA director Mike Morell resigns; Update: Morell to join Obama’s intel advisory board
6/12/2013 4:01:34 PM  Allahpundit
The news broke within the last few minutes. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because Morell was the guy who signed off on the now infamous edit of the CIA’s Benghazi talking points that removed references to previous warnings about jihadi

Tester: Actually, Snowden’s leak didn’t damage national security
6/12/2013 3:21:59 PM  Ed Morrissey
We’ve heard plenty of outrage over Edward Snowden’s leak of NSA activities as treason, and passionate defenses of him as a hero for crippling the surveillance state.  How about Edward Snowden … nothingburger? Senator Jon Tester appeared

Schumer to Cornyn: Democrats will not accept your border-security amendment
6/12/2013 2:41:41 PM  Allahpundit
Second look at John Cornyn? No, I kid. This is, I assume, a little Chuck Schumer-style kabuki with Cornyn’s full, knowing participation. “We cannot accept the Cornyn amendment,” Schumer said. “I’ve told John that already. The way it would change

Video: Court marshal allegedly sexually assaults woman — then has her arrested for objecting
6/12/2013 2:01:51 PM  Allahpundit
Why is a local story that’s three months old suddenly exploding online this week? I saw half a dozen people tweet this clip earlier this morning, all with the same expressions of horror and outrage, even though it was first reported in early March.

Amash to Clapper: “Perjury is a serious crime”
6/12/2013 1:21:19 PM  Ed Morrissey
Serious, yes, if perhaps becoming more common in Congressional testimony.  Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI)  posted a demand on his Facebook page for the resignation of James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, after leaks showed that Clapper misled

Sen. Heitkamp: The Keystone pipeline is like the “Kim Kardashian of energy”
6/12/2013 12:41:54 PM  Erika Johnsen
Accurate. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) on Wednesday compared the hyperactive lobbying and political battle over the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline to tabloid press coverage of socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian. “It’s the Kim Kardashian of

Snowden still in Hong Kong — and talking to the press
6/12/2013 12:01:11 PM  Ed Morrissey
But, er, not really saying all that much, at least not yet.  Despite speculation that arose after Edward Snowden disappeared from his hotel, he hasn’t exited Hong Kong.  Speculation ran so high that the AP issued a breaking news alert when Snowden

CBS poll: Most Americans disapprove of NSA phone-record collecting
6/12/2013 11:21:15 AM  Allahpundit
Monday’s Pew poll showing that a majority of Americans back the NSA’s phone-record harvesting drew 300+ comments so I figured you’d want to see this one too. CBS’s numbers look … different: Seventy-five percent of Americans

Politico: “Trust me” not really working for Obama, huh?
6/12/2013 10:41:27 AM  Ed Morrissey
A couple of months ago, political analysts discussed Barack Obama’s increased political capital after winning re-election and increasing Democratic seats on Capitol Hill.  These days, pundits like Glenn Thrush and Jennifer Epstein at Politico are