Josiah Bartlett Center - Conference Committees, 1977, and What Happens in NH Doesn't Have a Budget?

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Just before dawn in the early morning of Friday, July 1, the New Hampshire House and Senate recessed with no budget and no legal authority for the government to operate. Closing up shop at 5:00 am, budget negotiators retreated to Howard Johnson’s for a quick breakfast after a sleepless night of fruitless negotiation. This was 1977 and the budget crisis would last for four months before resolution... Click here to keep reading.


Off Budget: What Happens if NH Doesn't Have a Budget?

Questions and Answers

What happens if there is no state budget by June 30? With the House and Senate at such odds on the matter, it is a distinct possibility. It would not be that unusual either. New Hampshire has resorted to temporary budget six times since the end of World War II: 1949, 1955, 1959, 1971, 1977, and 2003... Click here to keep reading


NH fills 400 vacant positions despite hiring freeze

Hassan has not denied a single request

A hiring freeze put in place five years ago by Governor John Lynch is doing little to prevent state agencies from filling their vacant positions, as the Governor’s Office has issued 436 waivers so far this Fiscal Year. Governor Maggie Hassan has not denied a single request to waive the hiring freeze in her first six months in office... Click here to keep reading.


National Unemployment up to 7.6%

Mixed Data in the Jobs Report

The national unemployment rate grew to 7.6% in May, up from 7.5% in April. That increase translates to 101,000 additional unemployed persons... Click here to keep reading.