Andy Martin - Concord news conference:Andy says Jeanne Shaheen is "third Senator from New York

New Hampshire Republican leader and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Jeanne Shaheen no longer a senator from New Hampshire; Shaheen is the “third senator from New York”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand comes under attack for coming from New York to espouse extreme liberal dogma in support of reelecting Jeanne Shaheen

(MANCHESTER, NH) (June 14, 2013) New Hampshire Republican leader and corruption fighter Andy Martin will hold a Concord news conference today, June 14th to criticize Senator Jeanne Shaheen for importing New York liberals to support her reelection.

“Jeanne Shaheen no longer represents New Hampshire,” Andy says. “She is the third senator from New York. Shaheen pretends she is a ‘moderate Democrat.’ But she is no ‘moderate.’ Since going to Washington to collect another public pension and to cash another public paycheck, Shaheen has become hard left. She asked the IRS to unleash spying on New Hampshire conservatives, and she has been silent about Obama’s secret spy operations.

“If there is one quality that distinguishes New Hampshire it is the spirit of tolerance and privacy that defines the state. People want to be left alone, and they do not want to be snoops or have neighbors who are snoops. Intelligence gathering is essential to national security. But after being ‘briefed’ by President Obama’s staff last month Shaheen said nothing and did nothing. Shaheen is an enemy of civil liberties. We cannot surrender our Constitution to Islamic radicals that want to enslave the free world with Islam.

“Kirsten Gillibrand started out as a ‘moderate’ but the Democratic ‘bosses’ in Washington, DC soon told her how to vote. Straight left. Why is Shaheen asking an extreme liberal to support her reelection? Because Shaheen has also seen the light and now bows to the demands of Democratic Party bosses that she tow the extreme liberal line.

“I will stand in front of our citadel of our liberty, independence and privacy – the State Capitol in Concord - and protest Gillibrand’s visit to New Hampshire. Unlike Mayor Bloomberg’s ‘goons,’ I will not seek to protest outside the Shaheen/Gillibrand secret fundraiser (please see link below).”

June 14th Concord News Conference Details:


New Hampshire Republican Party leader/U.S. Senate candidate Andy Martin


Andy Martin says Jeanne Shaheen is importing “extreme leftists” from New York to support Shaheen’s reelection


Concord, in front of the New Hampshire State Capitol


Friday, June 14, 2013; 5:00 P.M. 




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