Andy Martin - Manchester news conference: Andy asks Maggie to sign Northern Pass study law

New Hampshire Republican leader and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin backs Site Evaluation Committee study law

Andy has been one of the leading opponents of Northern Pass since 2011

Andy says the new law is a positive example of the “New Hampshire Way,” where public officials work together for the common good

(MANCHESTER, NH) (June 13, 2013) New Hampshire Republican leader and corruption fighter Andy Martin will hold a Manchester news conference today, June 14th to announce he is asking Governor Maggie Hassan to sign the proposed Northern Pass/wind turbine Site Evaluation Committee study law.

“Later this afternoon I will deliver to the governor a letter asking her to sign the new law adopted by the General Court,” Andy says. “The statute seeks to determine whether New Hampshire’s procedures for managing major energy projects are sufficient.

“I have been a leading opponent of the Northern Pass for several years. In fact, I ran television ads on WMUR-TV opposing Northern Pass.

“Northern Pass is very much a north-south Rorschach Test. In the northern part of the state, people strongly oppose Northern Pass’ impact on the environment. In the south people ask ‘What’s the big deal?’ I believe Northern Pass is a ‘big deal,’ and a ‘bad deal’ for New Hampshire.

“In February I also supported opponents of unrestricted wind farm activity. There must be meaningful oversight of where wind turbines are located. The legislature has now enacted a compromise statute, but it is a compromise that exemplifies the ‘New Hampshire Way.’ The adequacy of state procedures for overseeing both Northern Pass and turbine farms will be evaluated.

“We can and must work together to protect our environment, toprotect our economic climate and to ensure a glorious future for New Hampshire. There are no easy answers to energy issues. Hopefully the governor will permit the investigatory process to proceed.

“I remain opposed to Northern Pass and I question whether our wind turbine regulatory procedures are adequate,” Andy will state. “But I agree that the new statute is a first step to making informed decisions both for present and future of New Hampshire.”

[Andy Martin has been strong supporter of the environment since the dawn of the modern environmental movement. His work has been cited by the U. S. Supreme Court. See for more details.]

June 14th Manchester News Conference Details:


New Hampshire Republican Party leader Andy Martin


Andy Martin asks Governor Hassan to sign Northern Pass wind turbine site study law


Manchester, NH, corner of Elm and Webster Streets


Friday, June 14, 2013; 3:00 P.M.




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