HotAir Daily Express 06/14/2013


Did NSA metadata collection lead FBI to Todashev?
6/14/2013 10:01:19 AM  Ed Morrissey
Over the last week of stories on the NSA’s surveillance programs, many critics have pointed out that the dot-connecting efforts somehow missed the Tsarnaev brothers before the Boston Marathon bombing, even after being flagged by the Russians as

Syria: The US is lying about use of chemical weapons
6/14/2013 9:21:55 AM  Ed Morrissey
Well, what did anyone expect them to say? “All right, coppers, you caught us” in full Edward G. Robinson mode?  Not that this denial will make much difference on intervention, as key NATO partners backed Barack Obama yesterday, but the pro

House intel-committee leaders: Snowden’s lying
6/14/2013 8:41:06 AM  Ed Morrissey
That bipartisan verdict came yesterday afternoon after a briefing from NSA Director Keith Alexander, whose own veracity has come under fire after the revelations from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.  Both the Republican chair and the Democratic

Rubio: New border-security amendment coming next week
6/14/2013 8:01:42 AM  Ed Morrissey
Yesterday, I interviewed Sen. Marco Rubio while guest-hosting The Hugh Hewitt show to get some answers on the failure of the Grassley amendment on the immigration bill, and to ask what the Gang of Eight would do to address concerns from border and


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Quotes of the day
6/13/2013 10:41:20 PM  Allahpundit
Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., has caused a minor stir with comments that the “Gang of Eight” previously decided to “de-link” border security triggers from the pathway to citizenship. In other words, the comprehensive

Yet another arrest-ridden liberal protest gets the atta-boy from national press
6/13/2013 10:01:53 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
I mentioned yesterday the ongoing liberal protests in North Carolina dubbed “Moral Mondays.” Protesters are self-consciously modeling their efforts on Wisconsin’s, which as I noted, doesn’t necessarily bode well for them. But it

Classic: States debate taxing green cars to recover lost gas tax revenue
6/13/2013 9:21:38 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
So, the government interferes in the market by incentivizing its citizens to buy hybrid and electric with big ol’ tax credits. It’ll be great for consumers and the environment, they say! You’ll save money and the air, it will be sweet

Campaign promises of the eurozone recession: Scaling back on renewable-energy subsidies
6/13/2013 8:41:39 PM  Erika Johnsen
It wasn’t so very long ago that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was proudly extolling her country’s move to shift entirely away from nuclear power by replacing their nuclear reactors with renewables, including solar and wind farms, courtesy

Gov. Brewer pushes through ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in Arizona
6/13/2013 8:01:02 PM  Erika Johnsen
Another one bites the dust. — and largely thanks to a governor who, once upon a time, was an outspoken opponent of ObamaCare. Per Politico: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer muscled her way to victory in her crusade for Medicaid expansion Thursday,

Paul Ryan: I’ll debate anyone who says earned legalization under the Gang of Eight bill is “amnesty”
6/13/2013 7:21:50 PM  Allahpundit
I’m assuming he would say that earned citizenship, which is slightly different, also doesn’t qualify as amnesty. In that case, I’ve got the perfect debate opponent for him. Meet Marco Rubio, candidate for Senate. October 24,

Palin rejoining Fox News as a contributor
6/13/2013 6:41:05 PM  Allahpundit
She left in January and returns on Monday. With something like seven different Obama scandals now roiling conservative media, it’s a wise moment to reclaim the Fox News soapbox. “I have great confidence in her and am pleased that she will once

Here we go: White House formally announces that Assad has used chemical weapons
6/13/2013 6:03:27 PM  Allahpundit
So Ed was right. They sent out the Big Dog to pretend-goad Obama into intervening, knowing that Clinton’s popularity would give O extra cover on his already-made decision to intervene. They’ve been planning to do this for weeks at least,

Amash, Conyers: Time to fix the NSA
6/13/2013 5:21:54 PM  Ed Morrissey
Hot Air welcomes Reps. Justin Amash (R-MI) and John Conyers (D-MI) for a bipartisan response to the recent revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) and its surveillance programs.  A bipartisan response to the NSA’s surveillance By Rep. Justin

Ethiopia’s parliament ratified their new Nile sharing agreement, and Egypt is not happy about it
6/13/2013 4:41:48 PM  Erika Johnsen
Water rights are no joke in the arid regions of Africa and the Mideast, and Ethiopia has recently been working on an infrastructure project that will divert some of the waters of the Nile for a new hydroelectric plant. Egypt, as you might imagine, is not

Oh, by the way: ObamaCare might not be affordable for low-wage workers after all
6/13/2013 4:01:40 PM  Allahpundit
A bookend to Ed’s item earlier about members of Congress trembling at the thought of having to fend for themselves on ObamaCare’s health-care exchanges. Per the AP, plenty of blue-collar workers are trembling too at the thought of having to

Pelosi on Gosnell, late-term abortion, and faith: This is sacred ground to me
6/13/2013 3:21:13 PM  Allahpundit
An instant classic from John McCormack. John thinks her “sacred ground” comment at the end is a reference to late-term abortion; I think he’s giving her too much credit in assuming that she’s making a coherent, if reprehensible,

SCOTUS: No, you cannot patent naturally-occuring human genes
6/13/2013 2:41:40 PM  Erika Johnsen
In the batch of decisions they released earlier today, the highest court in the land handed down an interesting and unanimous ruling concerning patent law that has some major potential to influence the research and business practices the burgeoning

Senate kills Grassley’s border-security amendment — with all four Republican “Gang of Eight” members in support
6/13/2013 2:01:12 PM  Allahpundit
Grassley’s amendment was dead on arrival in the Judiciary Committee and it was dead on arrival on the floor of the Senate today. Why? Because it did the one thing Republican border hawks Must Not Do as part of this grand, glorious compromise on

WaPo: Gun-control Democrats paying price, not gun-rights Republicans
6/13/2013 1:21:09 PM  Ed Morrissey
Surprise, surprise, surprise … or not.  Democrats seem poised to relearn an old lesson in the 2014 midterms, which is that gun control is a losing message.  In fact, some of them are already learning it — thanks to their own side: When

Organizing for Action wants YOU for Team ObamaCare!
6/13/2013 12:41:18 PM  Erika Johnsen
Signed, sealed, and delivering, indeed — and the “delivering” part is where the real problems are coming in. I was wondering when we’d see the totally awesome grassroots advocacy group formerly known as the Obama Campaign

Flight from Congress over ObamaCare’s massive cost hikes?
6/13/2013 12:01:18 PM  Ed Morrissey
When Congress debated ObamaCare, pressure from critics forced lawmakers to include themselves under its mandates, rather than keep their current “Cadillac plans” that they proposed to tax out of existence for everyone else.  That decision

Gallup, Fox News polls: Public opposes broad NSA collection of records
6/13/2013 11:21:30 AM  Allahpundit
I’m not going to blog every poll on this topic but some commenters were grumpy about the results of the Pew and CBS polls and I wanted to throw them a bone. If you’re waiting for a backlash, your wait might be over. First, Gallup: And, hot

Video: Fair Tax group makes argument handed to it on silver platter by IRS
6/13/2013 10:41:43 AM  Ed Morrissey
The Fair Tax didn’t get a lot of support in two different presidential-primary cycles.  Mike Huckabee tried to win the Republican nomination on the Fair Tax platform in 2008, and Herman Cain tried again in the 2012 cycle with a modified approach to