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ICYMI: Union Leader: Bloomberg's chutzpah: Awesome, but NH isn't buying it (Union Leader: 6/8)

We must say we admire the chutzpah of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He presides over a city that has copious gunplay despite supposedly tough gun control, yet he presumes to tell New Hampshire and the rest of the country how to deal with guns. 


Read the Union Leader editorial here.



Sen. Chuck Morse: Responsible budget balances numbers, needs (Fosters: 6/14)


"Senate and House members will soon meet in a Committee of Conference to iron out the differences between their versions of the budget in order to meet a June 30 deadline. As we sit here today, I'm encouraged that there are many points of agreement between the budgets, with shared commitments to fund higher education, mental health services and fully funding of the developmental disabilities wait list. As Governor Hassan has said, there are many areas that we all agree upon." 


See Sen. Morse's full op-ed here.



A Salute to Service: Honoring Charlie Bass & the Entire Bass Family 

bass invite 

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