Political Headlines - June 17, 2013

  • Support slim in Mass. for scrutiny of data: A new Globe poll reveals that 40 percent of Massachusetts residents oppose the government obtaining telephone records and electronic information of Americans, while a quarter of them support the efforts. Political reporter Joshua Miller breaks down the results.
  • Gomez, Markey differ on economic remedies: The US Senate candidates share a common belief that gridlock in Washington is a drag on the country's economy, but the two hopefuls otherwise part ways on issues that affect American commerce and jobs. For example, Markey supports increased taxes on the wealthy, while Gomez opposes them. Political reporter Joshua Miller details.
  • Gomez is no Scott Brown: Just a few months ago, Gomez was the new Scott Brown, without the pickup truck. Columnist Adrian Walker says that reality has recently set in with missteps and poor debate performances.
  • US security - too big not to fail: Columnist James Carroll writes about the NSA spying scandal, saying that with such massive bureaucracy, no individual or group of individuals, no matter how well-intentioned, is capable of supervising it.