AFP - Don't just complain about government spending, stop It!

Who doesn’t love and appreciate American farmers?  They make up the back bone of our economy and are some of the hardest working, thriftiest people I know.  But their good name is being dragged through the mud, associated with a bill in Congress called “The Farm Bill” that has nearly nothing to do with helping family farms.  Sadly, the Farm Bill is stuffed full of government overspending; $740 billion on welfare alone, and another $200 billion in corporate cronyism.  

Reports show that at least 15 members of Congress directly pocket Farm Bill subsidies themselves.  You know who else gets these subsidies?  Celebrities like Bon Jovi, the Rockefellers and huge politically-connected Agricultural companies. It’s absurd to continue inefficient and ineffective farm policies just so a few politicians and celebrities can profit off of our tax dollars. Are they trying to help American taxpayers or stuff their own wallets?


 You can watch our video exposing this wasteful legislation here.

The good news is, there’s a chance that we can defeat this bill as the House of Representatives considers it this week.  You must act today though, because alarmingly, House members are poised to rubber-stamp this giant spending bill just like the Senate did.  If we have any chance of fighting this bill, then you must take action right now.

Email your Representatives in the House right now that you oppose this bloated welfare bill.

It’s just one bill and Congress is already trying to break the bank, adding nearly a trillion to the debt.

It’s time to remind your legislators of their promises to get runaway federal spending under control.  You didn’t send them to Capitol Hill to spend recklessly and give handouts to special interests, but that’s exactly what they’re on track to do.

Congress must reform the Farm Bill in order to get federal spending under control.

Take action now: Tell your representatives in the House that you want them to make smart budgeting decisions.

In Liberty,

Tim Phillips

Americans for Prosperity President

P.S. To read more on the Farm Bill check out AFP’s information center. Also please join us for a teletownhall tomorrow, June 18th at 3:00 p.m. eastern about this important issues.  To join us call 1-800-759-5287.