ALG's Daily Grind - Fixing our corruptible election system

June 18, 2013

Fixing our corruptible election system

U.S. Supreme Court struck down an attempt by Arizona to at least ensure that only legal citizens of the United States were registering to vote by requiring basic proof of eligibility to be provided with a registration. 

Cartoon: What a tool

Obama vs. the Constitution.

IMF's Lagarde recommends U.S. 'repeal the sequester'

International Monetary Fund Director Christine Lagarde has called on Congress to "repeal the sequester" because she says "the effect of the sequester and deficit reduction more generally are already affecting the economy."

Gruber: Can the world afford higher interest rates?

Because government debt is too large, "central banks can't afford to turn off the stimulus tap. If there are any signs of rising bond yields, these banks will print more money to buy bonds and keep the yields down. In other words, you shouldn't expect less stimulus going forward, but more."