Political Headlines - June 19, 2013

  • Leading in the polls, Edward Markey looks to connect: Markey, the Democratic nominee for Senate, is leading in the polls, has raised more money than his opponent, and is supported by hundreds of loyal activists. Reporter Michael Levenson writes about the campaign. 


  • Political newcomer Gabriel Gomez embraces personal: Throughout the campaign season, Gabriel Gomez has campaigned for every vote. However, his approach of going business by business means often only small crowds are there to greet him. Stephanie Ebbert reports on his campaign. 


  • Senate rivals spar over records in final debate: In their final debate, Senate rivals Gabriel E. Gomez and Edward J. Markey engaged in heated exchanges about Gomez's business background and Markey's tenure in Washington. Michael Levenson and contributor Joshua Miller detail the outcome of the final debate.  


  • Senate drafts welfare overhaul: Welfare applicants would have to prove they have sought employment before receiving cash benefits under a broad overhaul unveiled Monday by state Senate leaders. Jim O'Sullivan details the bill.