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Walk in their shoes: A Fundraising Walk to help the Concord Homeless Resource Center

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 5:30pm

    Join us on a walk to benefit the Concord Homeless Resource Center. Simply ask your friends and neighbors to sponsor your participation in the walk, and be with us for the event itself.  At 5:30 we'll meet at the Friendly Kitchen and we'll start walking. Along our route, we will pass by some places which provide services to people who are homeless, and learn a bit about those services. At the far end of our walk, we will visit the Concord Homeless Resource Center, the program this walk is supporting. Then we'll return to the Friendly Kitchen for refreshments. The walk's total distance is a little over 3.5 miles. Download the attached
flier for details on how to participate. The Friendly Kitchen is located at 2 S. Commercial Street, Concord. Maps and directions: Friendly Kitchen.

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