NHDP - GOP Senator Sanborn Tweets GOP Real Budget Strategy

Concord – New Hampshire Republicans have been delaying budget negotiations, refusing to consider any additional revenue sources to avoid mass layoffs, and have yet to respond to the House’s latest proposed compromise for Medicaid expansion.  This evening Republican State Senator Andy Sanborn revealed why – Republicans want to shut down the budget process and go backwards to the disastrous Bradley-O’Brien budget that killed hundreds of New Hampshire jobs and made the largest cut to public higher education in American history.
“Under a continuing resolution with current budget, taxpayers will save $1.64 Million a day maybe not a bad thing....” wrote Sanborn from his Senate Twitter account
“While claiming to be negotiating in good faith and looking for compromise Senate Republicans have clung to their Tea Party ideology, rejecting commonsense compromise proposals – and now we know why.  Their real plan is go to back to the reckless and irresponsible Bradley-O’Brien budget,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Republicans are itching to run out the clock, continue the Bradley-O’Brien budget that results in severely under-funding mental health, higher education, and investment in priorities that will grow the economy.”
The reckless and irresponsible Bradley-O’Brien budget went into effect in July of 2011, and in just months slowed New Hampshire’s job growth, hurting the economy.  An article in the Portsmouth Herald, directly linked more than 1,300 New Hampshire workers losing their jobs with cuts in the Bradley-O’Brien budget. [Portsmouth Herald, 8/31/2011
More than 5,000 Granite Staters protested on the State House lawn against the budget, and public polling showed voters strongly disapproved of the Republican dominated legislature, calling it one of the biggest problems facing the state. 
“Only Republicans want to go back to the Bradley-O’Brien budget and relive the damage it did to health care, education and the economy in New Hampshire,” continued Kirstein.  “Republicans need to put their ideology aside and honestly work to find a compromise.  After countless Republicans’ obstructionist delays and admissions like the one from Senator Sanborn, voters will have no trouble identifying who to blame if a compromise can’t be reached.”