NHDP - NH Senate Republican’s Political Staffers Received Double Digit Pay Raises

Concord – Following their disastrous November Elections, New Hampshire Senate Republicans gave their own Republican legislative staffers double digit salary increases.   But now Republicans are attacking a new proposed contract for New Hampshire state troopers, teamsters, and other state employees that includes the employees' first cost-of-living increase in five years.
Last fall, Senate Republican Chief of Staff Jay Flanders received a 25% pay increase and Republican Caucus Director Tom Cronin received a 10% pay increase in their salary.  Cronin had just returned to the State House after a several month long leave of absence to work on Republican Ovide Lamontagne’s failed campaign for Governor.
“Republicans are attacking modest cost-of-living increases for thousands of hardworking state troopers and other state employees who haven’t seen a raise in five years, and who are willing to make changes to their health plans to save the state money, but the Senate GOP had no problem handing out far larger increases to their own political henchmen,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstien.  “Republicans continue to put ideology ahead of the what is the best of the people and workers in New Hampshire, but even for them this latest attack is a pathetic low.”
The Republican pay increases were approved by the facilities committee in December of 2014.  Minutes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/a/nhdp.org/file/d/0B_brjd9ayQhTQmRzdzZMS3lZaTQ/edit
Last night, Tom Cronin and Republican Senator Andy Sanborn tweeted attacks aimed that the state employee contracts.  This morning the New Hampshire Republican Party joined in the hypocrisy with a press release. 
“New Hampshire Republicans should be embarrassed by their party’s latest cheap political stunt targeting hardworking state employees,” continued Kirstein.   “How do Republican Leader Jeb Braldey and his caucus plan to explain why New Hampshire’s state employees are less deserving of a raise than their Republican political staffers? Especially when one of the individuals didn't even show up at the State House for months before his double digit raise? Instead he was traveling around with failed Republican candidate for Governor Ovide Lamontagne.”