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The current debate over Medicaid expansion is misleading simply because the expansion doesn’t do what supporters think it does. Experience shows that it does almost the opposite of what they intend: it doesn’t affect the uninsured and doesn’t reduce uncompensated care costs that are passed on to those with private insurance. The experience of two neighboring states, Maine and New Hampshire, should be studied... Click here to keep reading.


Latest Budget Resources

Get Caught Up on the Latest in Concord

With Committee of Conference week drawing to a close, be sure to catch up on the very latest on the New Hampshire budget. All of the Center's budget work is conveniently located in one place... Right here


The PUC is Power Mad

A Look at NH Electric Rates

The PUC and the New Hampshire Legislature have been trying to reduce New Hampshire’s shockingly high utility bills for a while now and have even introduced a sliver of market competition into the bureaucratic, over regulated, micromanaged labyrinth of electric rates... Click here to keep reading.


Budget Committee of Conference Update

Battle Lines Update: Who got what?

The Committee of Conference is over and a final budget has been produced for approval by both chambers; so what became of all of the controversial items? Click here to keep reading.