Londonderry CVC - Fresh Locally Grown Fruit Minutes from Home

By Jacklynn Woodruff

LONDONDERRY, NH - The summer is upon us and strawberry picking is now
underway at two local farms. Elwood Orchards, located at 54 Elwood Road,
and Sunnycrest Farm, located at 59 High Range Road, offer acre upon acre
of pick-your-own strawberries.

What could be better than plump, juicy, fresh-from-the-field, locally
grown strawberries? Combine with whipped cream and shortcake for a
delicious strawberry shortcake desert. Slice and top pancakes, French
toast, or waffles for a refreshing brunch. Mix with your favorite fruits
for the best-you've-ever tasted fruit salad. Blend with ice cream,
yogurt, or milk for a tasty smoothie. The possibilities are endless.

As a fun and family-friendly activity, strawberry picking can be enjoyed
by all ages. Children can spend time in the rows of strawberries,
snacking as they fill their containers. Parents and grandparents can
enjoy spending time with their children while doing something they know
benefits them both. And strawberry picking is not the only thing you'll
find at the farms!

At Sunnycrest Farm, take the little ones to the animals at the farm.
Home to goats, sheep, and an occasional pig, Sunnycrest offers a chance
to pet and feed their friendly creatures. Both farms offer stands
featuring produce like freshly picked tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini,
cucumbers, rhubarb, and more. Locally made honey, maple syrup, cookies,
and cider donuts are also available!

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, strawberries
are a great source of Vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. As little as
eight strawberries provide 160% of the Vitamin C needed for a entire
day. They are also very low in fat and calories. And picking fresh from
the farm not only supports personal health, but economical health, too.

Visiting area farms and purchasing local produce supports the farms as
well as the families and communities that surround them. When purchasing
local produce, the money goes directly to the farm, which can then
continue to harvest, plant, and maintain their crops for future
generations. The surrounding businesses also benefit when tourists and
out-of-town visitors spend time at their establishments.

Elwood is open daily for both strawberry picking and at their farm stand
from 9 AM until 6 PM. Sunnycrest Farm is open from 7 AM until 12 noon
daily for strawberry picking; their farm stand is open from 9 AM until 6
PM daily.

To learn more about the farms or get directions, visit:


Jacklynn Woodruff is the Office Manager at the Londonderry Commerce and
Visitors Center (CVC). The CVC strives to promote Londonderry and the
surrounding region by promoting agricultural activities, local
businesses, and community organizations and events. To learn more, visit, Follow us @LondonderryCVC on Twitter or call
the CVC at 603-432-4800.