NHDP Statement on Republican State Rep. Tremblay's Resignation

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement on Republican State Representative Stella Tremblay's resignation from the New Hampshire State House.  Tremblay is stepping down following widespread condemnation of her vile and chilling comments about the tragic Boston Marathon Bombing in April.

"Republican Representative Stella TrembIay was an embarrassment to her constituents and to the entire State of New Hampshire, her resignation was long past due.  It is telling that while Rep. Tremblay has finally resigned there has yet to be any kind of condemnation from Senator Kelly Ayotte, Republican Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, or Republican Senate President Peter Bragdon for her vile and chilling comments.  Under their leadership the New Hampshire Republican Party has become synonymous with radical Tea Party extremism, and there has been an epidemic of shockingly inappropriate behavior by New Hampshire Republicans."