AFPNH - Keep ObamaCare in Washington

ObamaCare just keeps getting worse.


A recent news report shows that a federal watchdog agency found that the ObamaCare health exchanges are behind schedule and are now “not ready for prime time.” All along, we warned that this disastrous law would be a train wreck and now, even its sponsor agrees, and the evidence is piling up every day.


Yet some in Concord want to bring ObamaCare to New Hampshire.


Click here to take action and urge our legislators to Keep Obamacare in Washington!


Thanks to your efforts, we made two important gains in keeping ObamaCare in Washington, where it belongs. 


First, the final state budget (HB 2) negotiation removed a provision supported by the Governor and the House to bring ObamaCare Medicaid expansion here. That would have been a recipe for higher insurance premiums, substandard care for tens of thousands of individuals and billions intaxpayer dollars spent inefficiently.


Second, the agreement on another bill (SB 148) helps to stop a “partnership” or “hybrid” ObamaCare insurance exchange that ObamaCare supporters tried to push onto New Hampshire. If Washington wants to have an exchange, let them run it and take responsibility when it breaks down (and from the report above, it certainly looks like that’s already happening)!


The full House and Senate will be voting on these bills in Concord on Wednesday. 


Please CLICK HERE to contact your Senator and Representatives and tell them to keep ObamaCare in Washington and not bring it to New Hampshire. We can’t afford the higher costs and lower quality care that comes along with this failed and flawed scheme!


Your calls and emails made a big difference and we need you to keep reminding our elected leaders just how bad a deal ObamaCare truly is!



Live Free or Die!



Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire