Gerard Direct - As UN Ambassador, Samantha Power Represents Real Danger to US and Middle East

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As UN Ambassador, Samantha Power Represents Real Danger to US and Middle East

The first is about the appointment by
President Obama
of Samantha Power
to fill the position of US Ambassador
to the UN, replacing Susan Rice. As
our title suggests, we think this is a
very dangerous choice and we will tell
you why. Follow the link above
and read
the story at the top of Column 1.

Iraqi Politician Mithal al-Alusi
Warns West Not to Be Naive
About Iran’s Rowhani

The second story comes from Iraq,
with words of caution from Mithal
al-Alusi, a singularly courageous
who warns us about Iran's
new president.
  Read his warning
by following the link above..

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