HotAir Daily Express 06/21/2013


Oh, yay: $500 million in ObamaCare rebates on their way
6/21/2013 9:31:04 AM  Erika Johnsen
If you saw the first television ad campaign on behalf of ObamaCare being put out by the president’s former campaign-turned-”advocacy”group Organizing for Action the other day, the much-touted rebates — from what the Obama

Agribusiness lobbyists pretty upset about that farm bill’s failure right about now
6/21/2013 8:31:18 AM  Erika Johnsen
The House version of the farm bill that failed to glean the necessary votes to pass and move to conference with the Senate’s version on Thursday afternoon certainly might not have been the most watched or well-known piece of legislation hanging

Quotes of the day
6/20/2013 10:41:09 PM  Allahpundit
The decision to abandon the requirement that a certain level of border security must be achieved, rather than a certain amount of resources devoted to the problem, appears to be yet another victory for the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill’s authors.

Video: Bill O’Reilly endorses immigration bill with Hoeven-Corker amendment
6/20/2013 10:01:47 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
>From “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight, advocates of the bill are already touting it. Bottom line: O’Reilly is on board with the idea of a need for immigration reform to fix the current system and buys that Hoeven-Corker gives the


Accountability: FBI deems agents faultless in 100 percent of shootings over 18 years
6/20/2013 9:31:46 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Republicans in the Senate are right now using their savvy to negotiate for the same fence that Congress has been legally required to fund and build since 2007 yet hasn’t while simultaneously promising us that they’re totally going to do all

Survey: Eurozone economy exceeding expectations… by maybe shrinking at a slower rate
6/20/2013 8:41:58 PM  Erika Johnsen
Well… it’s a sad after sixth straight months of economic contraction, I suppose a seventh quarter of slightly less of a contraction is something of a relative improvement — “relative” being the key word. Via the WSJ: The

Good news: List of gun victims used by Bloomberg anti-gun group also included Christopher Dorner, other murder suspects
6/20/2013 8:01:01 PM  Allahpundit
Is it fair to rub their faces in a terrible mistake when they’ve already apologized? Probably not, no. But let’s do it anyway. At a demonstration Tuesday in Concord, New Hampshire organized by Michael Bloomberg’s advocacy group Mayors Against

Video: “The Wolf of Wall Street” trailer
6/20/2013 7:21:37 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate. One of the commenters at YouTube calls this “Great Gatsby meets cocaine.” True. It’s even got the requisite shot of DiCaprio raising his glass to avaricious excess to get the “pride goeth before a

My, my: EPA declines to confirm a connection between fracking and groundwater pollution in Wyoming
6/20/2013 6:41:37 PM  Erika Johnsen
Under President Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t displayed much of an inclination for judiciousness in their bureaucratic rulemaking. It seems that they rarely miss an opportunity to design new regulations, to ascribe themselves

Ted Cruz: Let’s go into Syria, secure or destroy Assad’s chemical weapons, then get out
6/20/2013 6:01:47 PM  Allahpundit
Via Charles Cooke, a follow-up to Monday’s post about whether Cruz really is a “wacko bird” libertarian like his frequent ally Rand Paul. Three days ago, Cruz said that the NSA revelations were cause for concern — but cautioned

WaPo whip count: Already 58 likely yes votes for immigration reform in the Senate
6/20/2013 5:21:01 PM  Allahpundit
They’re actually lowballing it, I think, by assuming only 45 safe Democratic votes right now. You’ll lose a couple of Dems on this, but nine? Mark Pryor already did his good deed to impress Arkansas conservatives by voting no on expanded

Ready, set, panic: More than a quarter of young people don’t think the price of health insurance is worth it
6/20/2013 4:41:45 PM  Erika Johnsen
The Obama administration has been doing a pretty poor job hiding their desperation when it comes to convincing the young people that they need to subsidize the entire system that they should sign up for insurance through ObamaCare — because without

Is Obama’s job approval rating (finally) starting to slide?
6/20/2013 4:01:35 PM  Allahpundit
Today’s new Pew poll has him steady at +6, but feast on your eyes on RCP’s poll tracker. Poll averages are almost always more accurate than individual polls and right now RCP has him at -3.3 and apparently sinking. (This morning Rasmussen had

Oh, SNAP: House rejects the farm bill with bipartisan opposition
6/20/2013 3:31:00 PM  Erika Johnsen
Congressional leaders have lately been trying their darndest to get a new farm bill passed before the current policy expires in September, and earlier this month, the Senate passed their own (terrible, omnibus, status-quo maintaining, special-interest

Paul Ryan: IRS employees are getting bonuses while the Pentagon is dishing out furloughs, really?
6/20/2013 2:41:24 PM  Erika Johnsen
It wasn’t so very long ago that the Obama administration was very loudly and pointedly agonizing over the dreadful impact that the sequestration-imposed, across-the-board budget cuts were going to have on both the economy and the federal

Senate kills Cornyn’s border security amendment, with help from McCain and Graham — but not Rubio
6/20/2013 2:01:02 PM  Allahpundit
I don’t get it. The Texas Republican’s amendment was tabled by a vote of 54-43. Because it was a vote to table (to put the amendment aside without debating its merits), that means the 53 aye votes were votes against Cornyn’s amendment, and the 43

Netanyahu: “We’re ready to start negotiations now, without preconditions”
6/20/2013 1:21:27 PM  Ed Morrissey
JERUSALEM – Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the final plenary session of the Presidential Conference, Tomorrow 2013, initially to heckling from a few attendees. Netanyahu smiled and addressed President Shimon Peres: “Shimon, you can see an

Video: Exclusive interview with Ambassador Dore Gold
6/20/2013 12:41:58 PM  Ed Morrissey
JERUSALEM — Earlier today, the Tomorrow 2013 Presidential Conference arranged an interview with one of the most knowledgeable men on regional conflicts, multilateral diplomacy, and the long history undergirding both, Ambassador Dore Gold.  Now at

Video: Russell Brand’s MSNBC takedown
6/20/2013 12:01:46 PM  Ed Morrissey
The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri compares this to Jon Stewart’s game-changing takedown of Crossfire nine years ago, and there’s no doubt that this is hardly Morning Joe’s finest hour.    The problem starts immediately with

Rubio on new immigration amendment: “A dramatic improvement on border security”
6/20/2013 11:21:19 AM  Allahpundit
He was on Fox News a few minutes ago as I’m writing this to tout the new Corker/Hoeven plan that Ed wrote about earlier. No video yet, but both Byron York and Elise Foley quote him similarly. Rubio’s spent the last few weeks searching for an

King: Current NSA surveillance programs might have prevented 9/11
6/20/2013 10:41:51 AM  Ed Morrissey
At the very least, Rep. Peter King tells CNN’s Jake Tapper, it would have added to the “mosaic” that could have exposed the threat before the 9/11 attack that killed nearly 3,000 Americans. But was the mosaic missing too many holes