- "Coincidental" IRS audits?

Months after he said he left company, McAuliffe kept talking GreenTech

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Questions continue to surround Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe and his electric car company, GreenTech Automotive. For example, why did he wait four months to announce that he had stepped down as chairman?

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Clinton IRS commissioner: Tax audit of Virginia farmer just a 'coincidence'

After clashing in court with a powerful Virginia environmental group, farmer Martha Boneta faced a second threat: an ominous U.S. Internal Revenue Service audit notice she received in the mail. Coincidence? Boneta thinks not.

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Ten things more likely to kill you than a terrorist plot — and the government isn’t trying to protect us from any of them!

Do toddlers and bed pillows threaten you as much as a terrorist attack? Maybe they should.

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SCOTUS says states can’t require proof of citizenship to register voters

The highest court in the land has ruled that states can’t require people to prove their U.S. citizenship before registering to vote.

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Pipe waits on the prairie as Keystone XL debate rages almost 5 years

LIMBO: Some 230 miles of unused pipe sits in North Dakota, waiting for a green light from the Obama administration.

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