Political Headlines - June 24, 2013

  • English fluency surfaces as GOP immigration issue: Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, has been attempting to use his position at the fulcrum of America's immigration debate to toughen a requirement that immigrants learn English if they want to stay on a path to citizenship. Noah Bierman details this proposal.


  • Gabriel Gomez, Edward Markey going all out: Republican Gabriel E. Gomez and Democrat Edward J. Markey scrambled to scoop up last-minute votes as they campaigned across the state on Sunday. Joshua Miller and Michael Levenson report on the campaign. 

  • Environmentalists call for a Mass. carbon tax: A group of environmentalists plans to ask voters to make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to adopt a so-called carbon tax by imposing new levies on gasoline, heating oil, and other fossil fuels based on the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. Erin Ailworth reports on this tax. 


Political chaos seen as cause of voter fatigue: When Massachusetts voters elect yet another US senator on Tuesday - their third new one in 3½ years - they might be forgiven for demanding a bit of a rest from the nonstop election cycle. Frank Phillips reports on the election cycle.