ALG's Daily Grind - Conservative African Americans expose liberals' worst fears

June 24, 2013

Conservative African Americans expose liberals' worst fears

Three prominent black conservatives have seen firsthand the destruction of liberalism to their communities, and succeeded in spite of that philosophy.  This uniquely positions them to point out the failures of liberalism, and show others a better way. 

Farm Bill death is Republicans' opportunity on food stamps

62 House Republicans who broke ranks with their leadership to defeat the $750 billion food stamp bill are to be praised. If not for their courage, the GOP would be missing yet another opportunity to take on the welfare state.

Fashion alert: Weak solar cycle 25 means keep your Long Johns

What if carbon dioxide, particularly that 3 percent of total atmospheric CO2 we humans produce, winds up being a bit player, at the very most, on the stage of climactic scene changes?

Huffington Post: Michigan Medicaid expansion backed by GOP governor is blocked by Republican lawmakers

Republican lawmakers block Medicaid expansion in Michigan, Maine, and New Hampshire, sell taxpayers out in Arizona and Arkansas.