NHDP - 497 Days

Dear Friend: 

This Sunday, we face our first financial deadline of the 2014 cycle and need your help as we continue to build momentum for the next 16 months.  In 2012, we built the largest grassroots operation in New Hampshire and to win again next year, we need to redouble our efforts.    

Our opponents are already running misleading, negative television ads against Senator Shaheen and we know more will come.  While we don’t have the money from mysterious special interest interests they do, we have grassroots supporters like you. 

We’ve set a goal to reach 100 grassroots monthly sustaining donors to the New Hampshire Democratic Party by Sunday midnight.  We're more than halfway there with 66 individuals making a monthly donation to support our statewide effort.  

Will you chip in with $10 a month or more?

New Hampshire Republicans have doubled down after their 2012 losses and are continuing to pursue their failed agenda – more attacks on women’s health, staunch opposition to marriage equality, support for so-called Right-to-Work legislation, and continued cuts to social services and public education. 

Chip in today and stand up to the Tea Party, Bill O'Brien, Jeb Bradley, and Frank Guinta today.

There are 497 days between now and Election Day in 2014.  We plan to continue to expand our communications operation, bolster our grassroots field team, and work each and every day to elect Democrats all across our state in 2014.  And with your continued support and generosity, I am confident we will be successful.  

Thank you,

P.S. -- If you can't make a sustaining monthly donation, will you help us with $10 or more before midnight on Sunday?