Townhall Daily - June 26 - Michelle Malkin, John Stossel, Walter E. Williams, Brent Bozell, Jonah Goldberg and More


Michelle Malkin:
Played Out: the Liberal Racists' "Uncle Tom" Card

John Stossel:
Puritanical Government

Walter E. Williams:
Bit by Bit Strategy

Brent Bozell:
Fort Hood Justice, Delayed and Ignored

Jonah Goldberg:
The GOP's Immigration Tussle

Bob Barr:
Obama’s “No-Win” Syrian Adventure


The Constitution is worthless if We the People don???t do everything in our power to enforce it!
That???s why we???re demanding Congress immediately initiate the impeachment process on Barack Obama before things get any worse. Because to be frank, we don???t want to see what ???worse??? looks like??? 


Todd Starnes:
DOJ Defunds At-Risk Youth Programs over "God" Reference

Tim Phillips:
Farm Bill a Victory For Smaller Government

Mike Shedlock:
China Acts to Calm Markets

Ransom Notes Radio:
Europe, China, and Other Horrible Ideas

Daniel J. Mitchell:
The French National Sport Is Taxation, not Soccer

Fred J. Eckert:
Obama Speaks Giddy Gibberish in Berlin


Austin Bay:
Back to the Future: Enrique Pena's Cartel War

Brett Bogus:
"I'll Be Gone, You'll Still Be Here"

Paul Greenberg:
Free Gen. Helms: The U.S. Senate Takes a Hostage

Ralph Benko:
After The Gold Rush: A Perfect Antidote To Nouriel Roubini

Donald Lambro:
Chasing Snowden

Tony Katz:
The Ballad Of The Fat, Drunk And Stupid

Kyle Olson:
Teachers Union VP: Gun Rights Supporters "Are Going to Hell"

Jacob Sullum:
George Zimmerman's Excuse

Charles Payne:
Maybe Hogs Don't Get Slaughtered

Alan Sears:
Celebrating Our First Freedom on Independence Day

Bill Murchison:
Why The War Will Never End

Michael Brown:
This Battle is For Your Children's Future

Julie Borowski:
Freedom is Under Attack Incrementally

Dan Epstein:
The NLRB's Oversight Loophole

Ken Connor:
Exchanging Liberty For Tyranny

Kristan Hawkins:
Winning the Pro-Life Generation One Meme at a Time

Armstrong Williams:
Obama Should Pass on Intervention in Syria