HRA: Statement on the Passing of the House budget

"The new budget that we passed reflects the republican principles of living within our means.  Every new tax proposed by the Democrats, from the marriage license fee increase to the 65% gas tax increase,  was eliminated by the senate republicans.  The budget also protects the interests of our businesses, the drivers of our economic growth, by preventing the proposed delay in business tax reductions.  It was responsible for us to wait to see the impact of Medicaid expansion before agreeing to grab at federal dollars and bring New Hampshire into the federal budget morass."- Rep. Carol McGuire

"The budget also kept the opportunity for lower and middle income families to seek excellence in education through the education scholarship program.   We are pleased that the republicans stood up for our citizens and defeated all of the taxes the Democrats wanted to impose on our  citizens and chose to live within our means as we did in the last budget."- Rep. Pam Tucker