Townhall Daily - June 28 - Michelle Malkin, Mark Davis, Jedediah Bila, Michael Barone, John Ransom and More


Michelle Malkin:
Another White House Play Date with Muslim Jihad

Mark Davis:
America, Meet Wendy Davis

Jedediah Bila:
Stop Complaining and Start Doing

Michael Barone:
Supreme Court Offers Mixed Verdict to Conservatives and Liberals

John Ransom:
Unrestricted: China’s Plan to Use Terror Tactics Against the U.S.

Jonah Goldberg:
Abortion Rights Not Synonymous With Women's Health



David Limbaugh:
Political Right Must Summon Moral Courage to Fight Back

Mona Charen:
A Roe by any Other Name

Pat Buchanan:
Does the South Belong in the Union?

John Hanlon:
“Gettysburg” Director Takes on Civil War Opponents in his Latest Film

Suzanne Fields:
Spy, Whistleblower, Hero -- and Celebrity

Mike Shedlock:
The Euro Continues to Sink Europe


Shawn Mitchell:
What are we for? The Exceptional America Obama is Strangling

Fred J. Eckert:
Where Was The President -- And What Was He Doing?

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Very Bad News for Europe’s Young People

Night Watch:
Syrian Casualty Numbers Don’t Add Up

Linda Chavez:
Consensus on Race in the High Court

Brett Bogus:
The Shackles of a Diploma

Donald Lambro:
Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Says Obama Economy is in a Depression

Donald Lambro:
Obama Economy is Sputtering to a Crawl

Charles Payne:
American Idol & Marxist Images

Kyle Olson:
Principal Slams Portland’s $2.4 million ‘Investment’ in Cultural Sensitivity Training


Diana West:
Rediscovering America's Truth-Tellers: Elizabeth Bentley

Bob Beauprez:
America at War: Coal replaces Terrorists as Enemy Number One

Cliff May:
Roll, Jordan, Roll

Michael Brown:
Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Ultimately Fail

Lincoln Brown:
Obama's Goat Rodeo

Devon Herrick:
Exchanging Medicaid For a Better Option

Paul Kengor:
Liberals Embrace Fatherless (And Motherless) Families