AFPNH - does the LGC owe you money!?

That may very well be the case! 

As you may know, for years, some towns, cities and school districts in New Hampshire who utilized the Local Government Center (LGC) to pool their health insurance and workers compensation services, were paying too much. The LGC has recently been ordered to return the surpluses, which total $53.3 million, to the towns, cities and school districts from which they came. You can read more about it in this New Hampshire Union Leader article.


CLICK HERE to see if you live in one of the communities who overpaid.


If you live in one of the over-paying communities, you need to be vigilant and ensure that these funds are returned to you and not used by local officials to grow government.


It will be all too easy for politicians to view this windfall as “found money” and use your taxpayer dollars to expand the size of local government.


Don’t forget – this is your money and you deserve to have it returned to you!


CLICK HERE to see if you live in one of the communities who is due for a refund and if you are, contact your local officials to demand that the property tax overpayments be used for taxpayer rebates or reduced tax charges for next year.


Remember – these funds come from your wallet and they should be returned to you.


Thank you for all you do to promote economic freedom and stop government growth in the state.


Live Free or Die!



Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire