ALG's Daily Grind - Obama throws down green gauntlet

June 28, 2013

Obama throws down green gauntlet

While nomination battles in D.C. are often strictly "inside the Beltway" affairs, the Gina McCarthy nomination is so much more.  If confirmed, Obama will claim a three year mandate to move his job killing environmental agenda.

Cartoon: Historic days

Is Obama advancing the cause of liberty?

Tice: 'NSA is copying every domestic communication, word for word, content'

Somebody's lying or being lied to as more whistleblowers come forward to corroborate that the agency is not just gathering metadata, but intercepting and storing every domestic communication for later use.

Americans for Limited Government leads opposition to frivolous generic drug lawsuits

ALG's Mehrens: "Attempts by the trial bar to open up generic drug manufacturers to liability because they followed U.S. Food and Drug Administration labeling standards are absurd on their face."