AFPNH - bring ObamaCare to NH?

Should New Hampshire bring the failed ObamaCare program here?

The State Senate will decide this week whether to add tens of thousands of people to the substandard government health care program called Medicaid under ObamaCare. This is despite the fact that Oregon’s expanded Medicaid program showed that adding people to this poorly run system did NOT improve their health. 


In fact, a University of Virginia study showed that people who receive Medicaid are 13% more likely to die from surgery than the uninsured!


Even worse is that an analysis showed that the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire would cost federal taxpayers $2.5 billion. Another review found that it will also cost state taxpayers an additional $188 million!


With nearly $17 trillion in national debt, can we afford to spend this money on a program that doesn’t make people healthier?


This is just one more failed ObamaCare effort that shows why New Hampshire should stay far away from this program.


Please contact your State Senator immediately and tell them not to bring ObamaCare to New Hampshire and to vote AGAINST expanding Medicaid. Please CLICK HERE to find your Senator and their contact information.


With your help, we can save taxpayers billions of wasted dollars for a health care program that won’t improve anyone’s health.


Live Free or Die,



Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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