- The IRS is now your doctor . . .

We now know that the 'surprise' inside Obamacare includes a historic expansion of the IRS, which reports suggest will have 47 new things to track under the president's health care law.

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Terry McAuliffe used loophole to avoid key SEC oversight of his car company

As DNC chairman, Terry McAuliffe called for more government regulation of the financial industry, but the company he founded was more than happy to exploit a loophole to avoid SEC oversight.

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Warning Wisconsin: Hefty health care tax ahead

While liberals have blasted Gov. Scott Walker’s decision to turn down Medicaid expansion as a costly mistake, no one seems to be talking much about Obamacare's $2.9 billion cost to Wisconsin health insurance consumers.

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Ohio House approves bill to ban red light cameras

Are red light cameras essential safety tools that save lives or part of local money-grabbing scams that ignore due process while giving politicians more spending money?

Surprisingly, it doesn't break down along party lines.

Virginia media black out on IRS scandal in their backyard 

While national media ranging from the conservative to the liberal Huffington Post reported on the Internal Revenue Service’s ballooning tax-refund scandal, Virginia’s news outlets continue to skip the story that landed in their own backyard.

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