NHDP - Bragdon's Desperate Budget Claims Unfounded and Misleading

Unable to Defend GOP Budget, Bragdon is Flailing, Making Misleading Attacks
"Scared of voter's reaction to the Republicans' reckless and irresponsible budget Senator Bragdon is flailing and desperately fabricating misleading and false attacks about the Governor.  But no amount of dishonest political attacks can hide the Republicans' devastating cuts and massive forced layoffs from New Hampshire citizens.  These are the very same failed attacks the Ovide campaign used last fall en route to a landslide electoral defeat.  They have already been rejected by New Hampshire voters, they didn't work then, and the wont work now.  

"In Bragdon's haste to point to Governor Lynch's budgets as inspiration for his own he clearly forgot not only to fact check his claims, but has also neglected to mention he voted against every single one of them." - NHDP Communications Director Harrell Kirstein

Bragdon Claim: I disagree with "claims Republicans are proposing sweeping across-the-board cuts."
Fact: Rather Than Name Their Cuts, Senate Republicans Cut Funding Across Departments, And Asked Department Heads to Name the Cuts for Them. 

  • The Senate "asks all department heads to come up with $50 million in cuts to personnel." "The Nashua Telegraph reported, "The Senate budget asks all department heads to come up with $50 million in cuts to personnel, and at least $20 million of that in state dollars." [Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/2013]
  • HHS Cuts Could Force Cuts to "Safety Net Programs."  The Nashua Telegraph reported that "Senate budget writers could be faced with millions of dollars in cuts to some safety net programs, such as for the developmentally disabled and Children in Need of Services, because of a massive hole in the state budget." [Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/2013]
Bragdon Claim: "Budgets are about setting priorities and making difficult choices"
FACT: Republicans passed the buck, proposing enormous back of the budget cuts that will force hundreds of New Hampshire workers to be laid-off.

  • Republicans will use $20 Million in General Funds and $50 Million Total in State Layoffs to Fund Uncompensated Care Payments.  From the Union Leader, "The committee has worked to find ways to increase uncompensated care payments to hospitals to entice them to join the managed care networks so the program can begin, including using a $20 million reduction in personnel compensation and benefits costs as well as other reductions in the Health and Human Services Department." [Union Leader, 5/24/2013]
Bragdon Claim: Previous budgets relied "on phony and inflated revenues"
FACT: The state of New Hampshire's 2009 revenue estimates received bipartisan praise, and this year Republicans were tripping over themselves praising the Governor’s responsible revenue estimates.

  • 2009 - Republican Norm Major: "I don't see any exaggeration in the revenues at this point in time."[Union Leader, June 13, 2009]
  • 2013 - Jeb Bradley: Hassan should be praised for "very conservative revenue estimates." From the Concord Monitor, "Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, a Wolfeboro Republican, said Hassan should be praised for "'very conservative revenue estimates. That's very good.'" [Concord Monitor, 2/14/2013]
  • 2013 - Chuck Morse: Governor "Right" With "Systematic And Consistent" Revenue Estimates Method. In a press release, Republican State Senator Chuck Morse applauded the Governor saying, "The governor is right in noting the need for a 'systematic and consistent method of forecasting state revenues.'" [Press Release, 1/23/2013]