NHDP - Four Years Later, NHGOP Still On The Wrong Side of History And Out Of Step With NH Voters

Concord - Four years after New Hampshire enshrined marriage equality into state law, the New Hampshire Republican Party and its elected officials are still on the wrong side of history and standing in opposition to the majority of New Hampshire voters.  Numerous public opinion polls show that the majority of Granite Staters and Americans support marriage equality. [UNH Survey Center; Washington Post, 3/2013]
Monday, June 3rd, 2013, marks the fourth anniversary of New Hampshire becoming the first state in the nation to legalize marriage equality without court involvement.  Since that time, thousands of loving New Hampshire families have been able to marry and enjoy equal protection under state law.
"Four years ago today, Governor Lynch signed marriage equality into Granite State law.  Four years later, it is long past time for New Hampshire Republicans to join the majority of New Hampshire in supporting marriage equality for all citizens," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.  "Voters deserve an answer from Kelly Ayotte, Jeb Bradley, Bill O'Brien and other New Hampshire Republicans; why do you still refuse to support equal marriage rights and protections under the law for all loving New Hampshire men and women?"

Not only is the New Hampshire Republican State Committee's opposition to equal rights listed in the official Party Platform that was ratified by the delegate members of NHGOP, but New Hampshire Republican leaders have actively sought to deny equality to Granite Staters. [NHGOP.org]

  • Senator Kelly Ayotte refuses to support equal rights, has promised to help repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law and opposes repeal of discriminatory federal statues.  [Youtube]
  • As a member of Congress Frank Guinta backed an effort to ban same-sex marriages. [Concord Monitor, 11/4/2012]
  • Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley voted against equal marriage rights both in Concord [HB436 Roll Call] and Washington.  He even voted in favor of enshrining inequality in the United States' Constitution. [Roll Call 387]
  • As House Speaker Bill O'Brien made repealing marriage equality a legislative priority for House Republicans.  [Nashua Telegraph,11/11/2012]
"Unfortunately New Hampshire Republicans havelurched so far to the right they are out of touch not just with the majority of Americans, but even with members of their own party nationally.  This is further evidence that the NHGOP has lost any connection to traditional New Hampshire values in its desire to become the face and voice of the Tea Party and radical social conservatives," continued Buckley.