Townhall Daily - June 04 - Thomas Sowell, Byron York, Chuck Norris, John Ransom, John Hawkins and More


Thomas Sowell:
Historic Rescuers

Thomas Sowell:
Abstract Immigrants

Byron York:
Looking to 2016, Iowa GOP Gets Excited About Walker

Chuck Norris:
Say NO to GMOs in Your Food

John Ransom:
Did IRS Target Homebuliders on Behalf of Mobbed-Up Union?

John Hawkins:
5 Lies the Democrats Told To Sell Obamacare


Michelle Obama's BIG scandal?
Did you know that the first lady, Michelle Obama, shares in a personal income stream of more than $44,000 PER MONTH, on average?
And that this income is not affiliated with the government in any way, shape, or form?
In other words, Mrs. Obama and her husband make more in a SINGLE MONTH than the average American makes in an entire YEAR…
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David Limbaugh:
Scandals? So What? Our Agenda Trumps All

Ashley Herzog:
Environmentalists vs. Blue-Collar Workers

Mona Charen:
How Obama Gets Us to Forget His Failure in Afghanistan

Todd Starnes:
Air Force Says Painting that References Bible Verse Violates Rules

Cal Thomas:
How to Spell Success

Dennis Prager:
Do Blacks and the Left Really Believe This?


Mike Shedlock:
Manufacturing Now in Contraction; What the Numbers Mean

Ransom Notes Radio:
More Outright Lies About Benghazi

Debra J. Saunders:
A Dying Drug War and Its Last Victims

Daniel J. Mitchell:
OECD Bureaucracy Urges America to Copy Europe

Night Watch:
Turkish Protestors Rally Against Islamist Government

Phyllis Schlafly:
Gang of Eight Can't Defend Their Own Bill

Rich Galen:
Wanted: Positive Solutions

Charles Payne:
In Real Life Tortoises Sleep and Eat All Day

Bill Murchison:
A Tax System That Plain Doesn't Work

Kyle Olson:
IRS Lesson Plans Attempt to Justify Embattled Agency’s Existence to Schoolchildren

Crista Huff:
Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment says FDA

Bill Tatro:
Financial Fortitude

Rick Santorum:
Wake Up! Our Freedom Is in Jeopardy