Townhall Daily - June 05 - Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, John Stossel, Walter E. Williams, John Ransom and More


Thomas Sowell:
Historic Rescuers

Michelle Malkin:
The Most Transparent Administration Ever, LOL

John Stossel:
Austerity Myth

Walter E. Williams:
Understanding Liberals and Progressives

John Ransom:
Markets Are Still Mostly, Kind Of, Um…Free

Brent Bozell:
Where's Holder on Team Obama's Leakers?



Jonah Goldberg:
Syria's Religious War

Mike Adams:
My Apology to Mormon Readers

Todd Starnes:
DOJ: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Could Violate Law

Ken Blackwell:
Take a Risk for Peace: Move our Embassy to Jerusalem!

Michael Medved:
Choosing from the Center -- of the GOP!

Dave Ramsey:
Dave Says World Needs Stay at Home Moms


Ransom Notes Radio:
Obamacare Heading for Big Fail

Terry Jeffrey:
Schumer: Put Aliens Who Forged Documents on Path to Citizenship

Ben Shapiro:
Dems: IRS Discriminates Because It Needs More Money

Daniel J. Mitchell:
A Depressing Look at the Modern American Voter

Night Watch:
Hizballah Forces Help Turn Tide for Syrian Government

Austin Bay:
Protests Change Turkey's Political Landscape: A Report From Istanbul

Paul Greenberg:
The State of The Language

Donald Lambro:
A Darkening Cloud of Scandals Engulfs Obama Administration

Rachel Marsden:
Who Are Turkey's Agents Provocateurs?

Tony Katz:
A Progressive Will Never Hit Bottom

Jacob Sullum:
Antonin Scalia, Bleeding-Heart Liberal

Charles Payne:
Despite Surge Lot of Angst Beneath Surface

Kyle Olson:
CAIR Demands School Accommodate Muslim Prayers, Attacks Off-Site Voluntary Bible Lesson

Sandy Rios:
Same-Sex Marriage Hits Red Light in Blue Illinois

Ken Connor:
Father: Feminism's Four Letter Word

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:
College in 2028: Can You Save Enough?

Peter Schiff:
The Gold Bull vs The Paper Tiger

Robert Knight:
Picking the Wrong Victim

Crista Huff:
Senate Tries to Kill Off Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Devon Herrick:
The Market for Medical Care Should Work Like Cosmetic Surgery

Ralph Benko:
Horatio Alger Must Die