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ALG's Daily Grind - Washington bureaucrats are okay, the rest of us, not so much 

June 5, 2013

Washington bureaucrats are okay, the rest of us, not so much

While the number of government workers declined nationwide over the past year, in D.C., a stunning 0.8 percent increase in the number of government jobs in the D.C. area since last April certainly belies the predicted, sequester-induced local economic catastrophe.

IRS employee contract promised no political coercion

ALG's Mehrens: "Obama's IRS in Washington, D.C., by directing the political targeting by the agency against the tea party and other groups, may have compelled employees to violate their own contractual agreement."

EPA and IPCC: America's greatest environmental threats

Alarmist scientists, eco activists and government bureaucrats are meeting yet again — first in Bonn, Germany, on June 3-14 for the 38th meeting of UN climate treaty promoters.

Breitbart.com: Amid scandals, five cabinet level Inspector General positions remain open

Americans for Limited Government VP of Public Policy and Communications Rick Manning is quoted on the failure of the White House to nominate five cabinet Inspectors General since 2009.

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