ALG's Daily Grind - Paul Ryan's vote to uphold Davis-Bacon prevailing wages

June 7, 2013

Paul Ryan's vote to uphold Davis-Bacon prevailing wages

In a political climate where Republicans routinely rail against trillion-dollar annual deficits, cutting almost $11 billion from federal construction costs should have been easy.

The fruition of 9/11

News shreds any scintilla of evidence America is the land of the free: the National Security Agency is monitoring every phone call made on Verizon's network.

'Hot air' at the UN climate conference

Environmental radicals meet to push for a fully binding climate treaty signed in Paris in 2015 with the U.S. on board.

Washington Examiner: State regulator secretly wrote Maryland Chamber's letter endorsing Perez for labor post

Americans for Limited Government FOIA request reveals "a March letter by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce endorsing Labor Secretary nominee Thomas Perez was secretly written by a top official at the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation."