Citizens For a Strong NH - Our first TV ad

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Granite Stater, 


This week Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire launched its first TV commercial focusing on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's deciding vote to pass Obamacare, and the negative impact it will have on Granite State families.


You can view the video here


With skyrocketing healthcare premiums, New Hampshire is already feeling the pain, but unfortunately for Granite Staters the worst may be yet to come.


Because of mandates in Obamacare, small businesses are already talking about cutting employee hours from 40 to 29. That means harder times are on the horizon for New Hampshire families.


Shaheen's reaction to our ads? Defend Obamacare and use it to raise money for her campaign.


We are committed to holding her feet to the fire, but we need your help!


Would you make an immediate donation today so we can keep our ads on the air? Click here to help us put pressure on our elected officials to do what's right for New Hampshire.




Mike Biundo

General Consultant, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire