GOV. GARY JOHNSON - What you can do now to defend the 2nd Amendment

Whether it be spying on private citizens and journalists, or using the power of the IRS to silence free speech, the government has a developed a nasty habit of denying our rights under the guise of making us safer.  That habit is especially evident in the rush to take away our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
And this attack on the 2nd Amendment is not limited to the federal government.  Across the country, state and local politicians are using recent tragedies as an excuse to achieve a long-held goal of taking Americans’ guns away -- or at best, imposing so many onerous restrictions that, ultimately, only law-breakers will possess firearms.
The Our America Initiative is determined to push back.  We see that constitutional rights are being eroded by the government every day, and on many fronts.  And we are doing something about it.
In March, the Colorado General Assembly enacted -- and the Governor signed -- a law severely limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines.  That law is such an obvious attack on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens that a majority of Colorado’s sheriffs are not only opposed to it, but are going to court to try to have it overturned.
But Coloradans can’t depend on the courts.  A grassroots organization of Coloradans are launching a ballot referendum to give the state’s voters an opportunity to reject and repeal this anti-2nd Amendment law. And they have asked the Our America Initiative to help.
Last week, I announced that I am joining this repeal effort as its Honorary Chairman, and that Our America will lend its full support to making sure it is successful.  Defending liberty is what Our America is all about -- and nothing is more fundamental to liberty than the 2nd Amendment.
The first step in repealing Colorado’s gun law is to gather 100,000 signatures on petitions to place the referendum on the ballot in 2014.  That is a massive undertaking, but we will get it done -- with your help.  Many of the most important battles for liberty are being waged at the state level, and this is clearly one of them.  Placing the repeal of Colorado’s unacceptable gun control law on the ballot requires a lot of work, and a significant amount of funding.
Your contribution today at Our America Initiative will provide the money Our America needs to support the people of Colorado and get this done.  A poll conducted just a few days ago shows that a majority -- 52% -- of Coloradans want the ammunition magazine law repealed; it is our job to give them the opportunity to do so.  And I need your help.
This is an important opportunity for ALL of us to make a stand in defense of liberty.  I know I can count on your support.  Please go to and contribute what you can.  I am personally committed to working as hard as I can to restore 2nd Amendment rights -- in Colorado and beyond.  But I must have your financial support to be successful.
Restoring liberty in America is not one big battle; it is the willingness and determination to defend our rights wherever necessary. Today, our help is needed in Colorado, and I look forward to having your support!
Your friendship and support are truly appreciated.
Thank you,
Governor Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman
Our America Initiative
P.S.  In order to collect enough signatures to give Colorado voters a chance to repeal this anti-liberty gun control law, we must begin NOW.  Your contribution today at will let us get to work!