NHDP Response to "Ideology" Driven GOP Budget

NHDP Launches Social Media Graphic on Damaging and Ideological Senate Budget

Concord – Following the State Senate’s partisan vote on the irresponsible Republican budget, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a new social media graphic highlighting the reckless decisions Republicans made by putting ideology ahead of the people they are supposed represent.  [The graphic can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151980603357785&set=a.10150541483732785.460841.205826147784&type=1]
New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement.
“Republicans were offered commonsense solutions to the irresponsible cuts included in their reckless budget – unfortunately they choose their Tea Party ideology over job creation, economic security and improved health care for New Hampshire families and small businesses.  They choose to make cigarettes cheaper and protect big out-of-state tobacco company profits while forcing hundreds of New Hampshire workers to lose their jobs.
“Every time Republicans were confronted with the damage their cuts were doing to the people of New Hampshire they tried to shift blame onto someone else.  But the fact is that the Republican Senate budget raids dedicated funds, diverts investment away from priorities that will expand the economy and add jobs, forces mass layoffs, and leaves an enormous hole in the Health and Human Services Department budget that will painfully cut CHINS and services for the developmentally disabled – all things they want to claim they didn’t do.
“No amount of political spin or pretending otherwise will change the fact that Republicans chose to make each and every one of those painful cuts.”
FACT: Republican Budget Would Force 700 New Hampshire Workers to be Laid-off. 
·         Headline: Seeking savings, N.H. Senate budget writers look to cut state personnel costs – again. [Concord Monitor, 6/4/2013]
·         Republicans: Personnel Cut “necessary to balance the budget.” The Concord Monitor reported, “The Senate’s budget writers also added a clause requiring Hassan, a Democrat, to reduce spending on benefits and compensation for classified state employees by at least $50 million over the next biennium, including at least $20 million in savings to the state’s general fund. Morse said the Senate’s proposed budget spends more than the current budget does without increasing taxes or fees. The personnel cut, he said, was necessary to balance the books. The SEA warned last week that the $50 million cut could mean 700 jobs eliminated, or a $5,000-per-employee reduction in total compensation.” [Concord Monitor, 6/4/2013]
·         Republicans will use $20 Million in General Funds and $50 Million Total in State Layoffs to Fund Uncompensated Care Payments.  From the Union Leader, "The committee has worked to find ways to increase uncompensated care payments to hospitals to entice them to join the managed care networks so the program can begin, including using a $20 million reduction in personnel compensation and benefits costs as well as other reductions in the Health and Human Services Department." [Union Leader, 5/24/2013]

Fact: Senate Republicans Left A $40 Million Hole In the Health And Human Services Budget.
·         HHS Faces $40 M Hole With "Reductions Contained in Senate's Proposed $10.7 Billion Spending Plan."The Nashua Telegraph reported, "Health and Human Services Commissioner Nick Toumpas told Senate budget writers Friday that drastically cutting programs and reducing jobs may be the only answer to a $40 million budget hole he faces. Toumpas said the $40 million hole is because of obligations the state's largest agency already faced and reductions contained in the Senate's proposed $10.7 billion spending plan." [Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/2013]
·         HHS Cuts Could Force Cuts to "Safety Net Programs."  The Nashua Telegraph reported that "Senate budget writers could be faced with millions of dollars in cuts to some safety net programs, such as for the developmentally disabled and Children in Need of Services, because of a massive hole in the state budget." [Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/2013]
Fact: Senate Republicans Ignored Evidence Medicaid Expansion Would Strengthen The Economic Security And Health Of Countless New Hampshire Families.
·         Bragdon Admitted “he didn’t understand much about Medicaid.”  At a forum in Milford the Telegraph wrote, “[Bragdon] also admitted he didn’t understand much about Medicaid until this budget session. Medicaid expansion is considered the most contentious part of negotiations now underway over the proposed budget plan for Fiscal Years 2014 and ’15. [Nashua Telegraph, 6/4/2013]
·         Lewin Group: Moving forward with Medicaid Expansion would bring $2.5 billion into the economy, create 700 jobs, and save the state $92 million. [Lewin Group, Jan 2013]
·         Think Tank: Postponing Medicaid Expansion Even By One Year Would Cost An NH Irreplaceable $340 Billion. Economic and heath care policy experts at the NHFPI predict that "If New Hampshire delays, it would lose out for a year - maybe more - on the 100 percent federal match.  In detailed reports assessing the impact of the Medicaid expansion on New Hampshire, the Lewin Group estimated that a one-year delay would reduce the federal funds coming into New Hampshire by $340 million." [NHFPI, 5/28/2013]
·         STUDY: "Medicaid Virtually Wiped Out Crippling Medical Expenses Among The Poor." "The big news is that Medicaid virtually wiped out crippling medical expenses among the poor: The percentage of people who faced catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenditures (that is, greater than 30 percent of annual income) declined from 5.5 percent to about 1 percent. In addition, the people on Medicaid were about half as likely to experience other forms of financial strain-like borrowing money or delaying payments on other bills because of medical expenses." [The New Republic, 5/1/2013]
·         STUDY: "People On Medicaid Ended Up With Significantly Better Mental Health." "The other big finding was that people on Medicaid ended up with significantly better mental health: The rate of depression among Medicaid beneficiaries was 30 percent lower than the rate of depression among people who remained uninsured. That's not just good health policy. That's good fiscal policy, given the enormous costs that mental health problems impose on society-by reducing productivity, increasing the incidence of violence and self-destructive behavior, and so on." [The New Republic,5/1/2013
·         Accepting Federal Funding for Expanded Medicaid Would Bring NH A "Number of Economic Benefits." The non-partisan New Hampshire fiscal policy institute found, "if New Hampshire takes the federal money, it will enjoy a number of economic benefits as well. It will gain an average of 5,100 new jobs; the state will enjoy a $2.8 billion increase in gross state product; personal income will increase by more than $2 billion, and; household spending on health care will drop by almost $100 million statewide." [NHFPI Testimony, 5/9/2013]
·         STUDY: Refusing to Expand Medicaid Will Be “More-Costly,” Require States Higher Spending on Uncompensated Care.  A non-partisan study revealed, “State policymakers should be aware that if they do not expand Medicaid, fewer people will have health insurance, and that will trigger higher state and local spending for uncompensated medical care,” Price said. “Choosing to not expand Medicaid may turn out to be the more-costly path for state and local governments.” [The Hill, 6/3/2013]
Fact: Conservative Republican Governor’s Support Medicaid Expansion to improve health and economic security.
·         Some of the most conservative Republican Governors in the country are accepting federal funding for Medicaid expansion.  Republican Chris Christie in New Jersey, Republican John Kasich in Ohio, Republican Rick Scott in Florida and other Republicans across the country have all announced they will be accepting the federal funding for expansion. [National Medicaid Map]
·         GOP Governor Christie: Expansion will save taxpayers money. In announcing plans to accept federal funding for expanded Medicaid Christie said, “accepting these federal resources will provide health insurance to tens of thousands of low-income New Jerseyans, help keep our hospitals financially healthy and actually save money for New Jersey taxpayers.” [Forbes, 2/26/2013]
·         GOP Governor Brewer is Vetoing Any Legislation That Reaches Her Desk Before Expansion. Republican Govnernor Jan Brewer is “so determined to put the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in place in her state that she’s vetoing any legislation that reaches her desk until the Republican Legislature caves.” [Politico, 6/5/2013]

Fact: Republican Budget Put Ideology Ahead of Best Interests of NH Families and Businesses.
·         GOP Finance Chair Admits “Ideology” Driving Force Behind Senate Budget. Speaker Norelli and Senator Larsen called “Senate Republicans' rejection of Medicaid expansion, refusal to adopt a tobacco tax hike, inclusion of across-the-board, so-called "back of the budget" cuts and the de-funding of a ‘Green Launching Pad’ for business start ups will hurt Granite Staters and the economy. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Morse, R-Salem, responded, ‘Ideology was what the Senate (Republicans) were doing.’” [Union Leader, 6/4/2013]
Fact: Rather Than Name Their Cuts, Senate Republicans Cut Funding Across Departments, And Asked Department Heads to Name the Cuts for Them. 
·         The Senate "asks all department heads to come up with $50 million in cuts to personnel." "The Nashua Telegraph reported, "The Senate budget asks all department heads to come up with $50 million in cuts to personnel, and at least $20 million of that in state dollars." [Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/2013]
·         HHS Cuts Could Force Cuts to "Safety Net Programs."  The Nashua Telegraph reported that "Senate budget writers could be faced with millions of dollars in cuts to some safety net programs, such as for the developmentally disabled and Children in Need of Services, because of a massive hole in the state budget." [Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/2013]
·         GOP Rep Kurk: Senate Budget “Engaged In Several Back of the Budget Reductions.” Event Republican Rep. Kurk was forced to admit the GOP budget made back of the budget cuts that would cause layoffs and force painful cuts in Health and Human Services, "And then of course, it engaged in several back of the budget reductions such as the 50 million dollars in wages and salaries for state employees and a 7 million dollar reduction in the Health and Human Services Budget." [YouTube, 6/4/2013]
FACT: The state of New Hampshire's 2009 revenue estimates received bipartisan praise, and this year Republicans were tripping over themselves praising the Governor’s responsible revenue estimates.
·         2009 - Republican Norm Major: "I don't see any exaggeration in the revenues at this point in time."[Union Leader, June 13, 2009]
·         2013 - Jeb Bradley: Hassan should be praised for "very conservative revenue estimates." From the Concord Monitor, "Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, a Wolfeboro Republican, said Hassan should be praised for "'very conservative revenue estimates. That's very good.'" [Concord Monitor, 2/14/2013]
·         2013 - Chuck Morse: Governor "Right" With "Systematic And Consistent" Revenue Estimates Method. In a press release, Republican State Senator Chuck Morse applauded the Governor saying, "The governor is right in noting the need for a 'systematic and consistent method of forecasting state revenues.'" [Press Release, 1/23/2013]
·         Republicans Had Few Complaints with Governor's Revenue Estimates.   The Concord Monitor reported that "Republicans aired few complaints yesterday about Hassan's baseline estimates from traditional state levies like the business profits tax, the business enterprise tax, the meals-and-rooms tax and the interest-and-dividends tax."  [Concord Monitor, 2/14/2013]
Fact: Senate Republicans Raided $16 million From The Renewable Energy Dedicated Fund.
·         Senate Republicans Raided a Dedicated Renewable Energy Fund.  The Union Leader reported, "the committee added about $84 million in revenue to the bottom line... with $16 million from the renewable energy fund..." [Union Leader, 5/24/2013]
·         Senate Republicans raided "$16 million in renewable energy funds to help pay for the spending." The Associated Press reported, that as the Senate outlined spending "The [Finance] committee voted to use $16 million in renewable energy funds to help pay for the spending." [AP, 5/20/2013]
Fact: Senate Republicans Increased Their Legislative Budget by $500K, While Reducing Funds For Economic Development And STEM Education.
·         The Senate Republican budget cut $500,000 from the Green Launching Pad. Senate Republicans cut $500,000 from the Green Launching Pad in HB1. The Green Launching Pad is a public private partnership that enables local start-ups to bring green solutions to market strengthening the economy and boosting job creation. [Senate Finance HB1]
·         The Senate Republican Budget Cut $200,000 From FIRST. Senate Republicans cut $200,000 from grant to local schools to start FIRST programs in HB1. FIRST inspires young people's interest and participation in science and technology and motivates them to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math. [Senate Finance HB1]
·         The Senate Republican Budget Added $500,000 to their legislative budget. [Senate Finance HB1]