Citizens Report: Weekly Newsletter

Our first TV spot!

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released its first television advertisement this week titled, "What to Cut." The advertisement focuses on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's deciding vote to pass Obamacare and the negative impact it will have on Granite State families.   
Video of the commercial can be viewed here. 


More specifically, "What to Cut" articulates the impact Senator Shaheen's vote for Obamacare will have on small businesses and their employees if they are forced to cut workers hours to compensate for new regulations implemented by Obamacare.       

With Skyrocketing healthcare premiums, New Hampshire is already feeling the pain from Senator Shaheen's deciding vote for Obamacare. Unfortunately for Granite Staters, the worst may be yet to come. Because of mandates in Obamacare that could force small businesses to cut their employees' hours from 40 to 29, harder times for many New Hampshire families could be on the horizon.


While a majority of New Hampshire residents have said they do not support Obamacare, Senator Shaheen has yet to join them in opposition to a law that is already proving to have a negative effect on families in our state. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is calling on Senator Shaheen to join with her constituents, work to repeal the current law, and fight for New Hampshire families that will be forced to live with less.  

"What to Cut" earns local and national media attention

Upon Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire releasing its first television ad titled "What to Cut," local and national press have brought a lot of attention to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's deciding vote to pass Obamacare and the negative effects it will have on Granite State families.


Just this morning, MSNBC's Chuck Todd used "What to Cut" on The Daily Rundown as a part of a discussion on the increasing unpopularity of job-killing Obamacare.  


Below you will find some of what other local and national media outlets have been saying about "What to Cut."

"The battle over Obamacare will hit the New Hampshire airwaves Wednesday by way of a new television ad accusing Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of supporting a health care law that will financially hurt American families."

CNN: NH conservatives seek to score political points on healthcare 


"The ad produced by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire asks viewers what they would do if their employer cut their hours to avoid penalties under the law."

Associated Press: Ad targets Shaheen, health care law 


"The ad describes Shaheen as "the deciding vote for Obamacare," and says that as a result of the health care law, "employers may cut your weekly work hours from 40 to 29 to avoid the new taxes and penalties."

Union Leader: Conservative NH group airs first TV ad, hitting Shaheen for health care vote 


"A new television ad hitting the airwaves today suggests because of Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's vote for the new federal health care law will mean that some families will make less money if employers scale back work hours to avoid having to provide health care."

WMUR Political Scoop: NH conservative group launches tv ads against Shaheen   


"The 30-second spot titled "What to Cut" identifies Shaheen as the "deciding vote" for the Affordable Care Act."
Nashua Telegraph:
Health care legislation spurs continued debate  


Our new website!

This week, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire was proud to announce the full version of its website, gives Granite Staters the opportunity to learn where their elected officials stand on the important issues of limited government, lower taxes, and improving the economy. In addition to news and press releases, the new website offers a platform to showcase video tracking of New Hampshire's elected officials answering, or in some cases refusing to answer, the tough questions. 

The website also offers the ability for concerned citizens to sign up for the organization's weekly e-newsletters and to volunteer for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire. Volunteer opportunities include everything from attending one of our nightly phone banks in our Manchester office and writing letters to the editor to weekend door knocking programs and visibilities encouraging elected officials to support the issues of lower taxes, limited government, creating jobs, and improving the economy. 

In case you missed it, our new website was featured in the Union Leader.


Thank you to the New Hampshire State Senate for passing a responsible budget

This week, the Senate passed a responsible budget that only spends what we have and does not set our state up for debt to be passed onto future Granite Staters. This budget does not include increased taxes and fees that would have burdened New Hampshire families. 

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire would like to thank the Senate for passing a balanced budget that does not rely on the failed tax and spend policies of the House but takes a fiscally responsible approach to what we can afford as a state. We are also thankful to the Senate for understanding that there is no such thing as free money from Washington and not expanding Medicaid was a responsible decision.

A visibility outside Sen. Shaheen's Town Hall

On Friday, WMUR-TV hosted Sen. Shaheen for a Town Hall-style meeting. Volunteers of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire stood outside the event, despite the rain, to make their voices heard on the issues they are concerned about!