Freekeenenews - Rich Paul Sentenced on Multiple Felony Dealing Charges

12 Months for Selling Cannabis, "Puported LSD"

Rich Paul bravely faced down 100 years in prison to stand up for principle and attempt to hasten the demise of the insane war on drugs. Yesterday at Cheshire superior court, Rich was sentenced to one year in county jail, many more suspended in prison, a three year probation, and fines. At the sentencing hearing the court heard well-researched and passionate speeches from defense attorney Kim Kossick, Rich's parents, and Rich himself:

You can see raw video here of the entire sentencing hearing, including Kim and Rich's parents' speeches as well as a ridiculous beginning portion where judge John C. Kissinger enters the court and immediately threatens the audience regarding cameras. Jason Talley and Pete Eyre engage with him regarding the court security's confiscation of all cell phones only from people attending Rich's trial. This is a clear violation of the court's own standing order from head superior court judge Tina Nadeau, but Kissinger just moves the procedure along as though there is no time to deal with people being deprived of their property and rights by court agents.

Over $3,000 has been raised thus far for Rich's appeal via this fundraiser. Donations will be matched!