Freekeenenews - Town of Palmer Settles With Videographer for $5,000

Town Pays For Wrongful Arrest

Charges against me for recording video in Palmer town hall are dismissed, plus I got a check for thousands.  Back in October 2012, I was arrested for recording video in the town hall of Palmer, MA. The arrest was clearly illegal, but that didn't stop Palmer Police officer Raymond Tenczar from putting handcuffs on me, then putting me in a cage. After all, the legal council for the town had told them they could and they'd even posted hastily-printed signs on the building that morning that prohibited recording. They didn't want a repeat of 2011, where CopBlock's Pete Eyre and I walked all around the building, recording and asking the bureaucrats tough questions. (We were there to view a tax sale and support our friend Jay Noone who was having his home stolen by the people calling themselves the "Town of Palmer".)

Turns out, I was right.  The town of Palmer settled for $5,000 and the case was dismissed with prejudice. Here is the press release from the ACLU, whose attorneys did a fantastic job on the case.  Here also is my opinion piece from Free Keene.