Political Headlines - July 1, 2013


  • Next mayor may usher in new era for Boston: Voters this fall will choose not only the first new mayor in 20 years and add at least four new voices to the City Council, they will also chart a course for the city. Andrew Ryan details the upcoming election. 



  • Daniel Conley tops in fund-raising at nearly $1.27m: As the dozen candidates in the first open race for the mayor's office in 30 years raise money, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley added about $78,000 more than any other candidate in the crowded field. Colin Young writes about the campaign. 



  • Student loan rate set to double: The interest rate on a federal loan available to low-income students is scheduled to double on Monday to 6.8 percent because Congress was unable to agree on a long-term fix or temporary extension before adjourning for the holiday recess. Tracy Jan details the rising interest rate. 



Our halting progress toward justice: This week's holiday celebrates the purity of democracy in America, but last week's Supreme Court decisions on the protection of marriage benefits for same-gendered couples demonstrated its complexity. James Carroll writes about America's unending debate over equality.