Sunacom - Odell predicts gas tax increase

In his June 30 column on, NH Senator Odell writes:

'...everyone agrees that our roads and bridges need increased maintenance and repairs. I see a bill coming forward next year with a reasonable increase in the gas tax to meet some of these infrastructure needs.'

'Senator Morse made sure the budget process went forward, did not try to slip expanded gambling into the budget in the committee of conference, and was able to build a budget every Senator could support.'

'...if more money comes in over the budgeted revenue estimates, the first $7 million will go to relieve the Department of Health and Human Services 'back of the budget' cut.' ' help fund the $17 million cost of the state workers' new contract.'

'The Liquor Commission... [will] have a single commissioner and a deputy. The Commissioner will be Joe Mollica of Sunapee.'