AFPNH - Still Wrong for New Hampshire

Yesterday, the first meeting of the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion study commission was held.  The commission, authorized in the state budget, has been asked to report on the expansion of Medicaid by October 15.

Even though the majority of the group is made up of ObamaCare supporters, we still believe that expanding Medicaid, the largest program in state government, is a bad idea. 

If you agree that Medicaid expansion is Wrong for New Hampshire, then I encourage you to contact the elected officials who are members of the commission today!

• Rep. Neal Kurk – (603) 529-7253 or

• Rep. Cindy Rosenwald – (603) 595-9896 or

• Sen. Andy Sanborn - (603)271-2609 or

• Rep. Tom Sherman – (603) 379-2248 or

• Sen. Nancy Stiles - (603) 918-0553 or

• Sen. Peggy Gilmour - (603) 465-2336 or

ObamaCare Medicaid expansion will lead to higher taxes, higher insurance premiums and worse health care for the tens of thousands of people who would lose their private health insurance in favor of Medicaid. 

To learn more, please CLICK HERE to view our sister organization, AFP Foundation’s Need to Know on the issue.

The commission will meet again next Tuesday, July 16 so please contact them today and tell them that Obamacare Medicaid expansion is wrong for New Hampshire!

Live Free or Die!


Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire


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