ALG's Daily Grind - Alert: Help Stop Democrats From Raising Drug Prices which Hurts the Elderly and Poor

ALERT: July 9, 2013


Democrats Raising Drug Prices which Hurts the Elderly and Poor

While Democrats talk about caring for the poor and elderly, their policies are the opposite.  In light of recent court cases, Democrats are preparing to introduce legislation enabling lawyers to sue generic drug manufacturers over labeling practices. The resulting lawsuits are expecting to drive up drug prices as lawyers seek to take advantage of an uncertain regulatory situation.  More expensive drugs will hurt the elderly and the poor while being a boon for trial lawyers. 

ALG and a number of other organizations sent a letter to Speaker Boehner urging him to oppose "legislation that would drive up healthcare costs and line the pockets of trial lawyers by opening generic drug manufacturers to frivolous lawsuits."

Please join us in raising awareness on this important issue by blogging about it and sharing online.  The original article and full letter can be found at this link.