CEI Today: Farm Bill, regulatory inflation, and online gambling


Openmarket.org: Is Agriculture Leadership Trying an End-Run?

On Tuesday, a coalition of 20 free-market and conservative groups, including CEI, sent a letter to Speaker of the House Boehner urging him to ensure there is an open process for considering a farm bill separately from nutrition programs. The House agriculture leadership agreed to split commodity programs from the food stamp and nutrition programs, after the combined bill was voted down on June 20.

But ag leaders want the bill brought to the House floor under a closed rule — with no amendments to be considered. In addition, the leadership wants the 1949 permanent farm bill to be replaced with the new bill. That is, whenever a farm bill isn’t enacted or extended, the law would revert to the 2013 bill instead of the 1949 law. > Read more


> Interview Fran Smith


American Spectator: Turns out bad regulations have a rather large side effect

Many regulations reduce the amount of wealth that people can create. Other rules prevent wealth from being created in the first place. In general, regulatory spending creates less wealth than private spending. That means the nation’s supply of dollars is chasing less wealth than it otherwise would, so the prices are unnaturally high. > Read more


> Interview Ryan Young


Stossel: Should Online Gambling Be Legalized?

University of Illinois professor John Kindt and CEI fellow Michelle Minton debate whether a ban on online gambling is a libertarian issue.

> View the debate

> Interview Michelle Minton






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The True Story of European Austerity; Cutting Taxes and Spending Leads to Renewed Growth

A new CEI OnPoint measures austerity and its effects from the time austerity officially began in each country, with very different results from reports that have been cited widely in the media. > Listen to the Liberty Week podcast

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