NHDP - Republican State Senator Jokes About Tragic Plane Crash While Attacking Health Care Reform

Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Senator Andy Sanborn made light of a tragic plane crash in San Francisco over the July Fourth holiday weekend, while attacking health care reform on a local radio station this afternoon.  “Now that this thing [the Affordable Care Act] is barreling down on us like a jet landing into San Francisco it’s [laugh] it should make people really concerned,” joked Sanborn on WTPL 107.7 FM radio.  A recording of Sanborn heartless comments are available here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_brjd9ayQhTMlZ5MzdyYndZNUk/edit?usp=sharing (2:55 mark)
“In his radical right-wing crusade against the Affordable Care Act, there is no rhetoric too shameful or appalling for Senator Sanborn,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “His comments are heartless and callous, ignoring the awful loss of human life from this tragic accident and then using it as political fodder for his Tea Party opposition to affordable health insurance reform for working New Hampshire citizens.  All New Hampshire Republicans should swiftly condemn Sanborn’s cruel joke."

On Saturday July 6th, a passenger plane landing in San Francisco crashed, killing two teenage passengers and wounding nearly 200 others.  But when confronted with his own comments, Sanborn claimed he didn't recall the remark and then offered a phony half apology. [WMUR, 7/9/2013]  

"The half apologies and lame excuses Sanborn offers up for each successive offensive or shameful comment are now impossible to take seriously," continued Kirstein.   "New Hampshire Republicans like Sanborn are out of touch with New Hampshire values and continue to embarrass themselves with the same offensive Tea Party rhetoric that voters rejected last fall."

This wasn't the first time Sanborn was caught making shameful and offensive comments.  In 2011, following his election to the State Senate, Sanborn posted a sign that read, "Welcome to Jim and Andy's Man Cave/ Indoor shooting range/ Pool tables/ Big screen tv/ Heated swimming pool/ Draft beer/ Grand opening Wed Jan 5th." [IMAGE]  And just a few weeks ago Sanborn struggled to explain an offensive and sexist remark he posted to his State Senate twitter account. [Union Leader, 5/30/2013]