NRSC - Will Shaheen Fight for Middle Class Relief from ObamaCare?

Washington, D.C. - National Republican Senatorial Committee Communications Director Brad Dayspring today asked Democrat Jeanne Shaheen if she agrees that like businesses, middle-class families also deserve relief from ObamaCare:

"Jeanne Shaheen ignored doctors, businesses, and middle-class Granite Staters in 2010, instead proudly standing with Barack Obama and Harry Reid to pass this disastrous law.

"Now that Democrats admit what a disaster ObamaCare is to implement, Shaheen is running as fast as she can from the taxes, mandates, and fees imposed by her vote. The problem is that Shaheen and her liberal friends have abandoned middle-class men and women, leaving them alone to face the burden of ObamaCare's individual mandate.

"Certainly businesses deserve relief from ObamaCare, but what about middle-class men, women and their families? It's time that Jeanne Shaheen start listening to Granite Staters who want a permanent delay for all, instead of just a partial delay for some."